Salsa Days Are Here Again!

There’s nothing quite like heralding the return of the warm months after a long season of feet trapped in wool socks and gloved hands clinging onto a thermos with piping hot, restorative liquid for survival. Finally! My toes are dancing! It’s juice I drink! I lay on grass and read and dream!

My plates are colorful and FRESH

and my neighborhood looks breathtaking!

I notice birds nesting, mating, playing. Trees that were adorned with blossoms just last week are now crowned with bright green leaves. Renewal, indeed! He does make all things beautiful in His time.

Soon, there will be peaches, mangoes, berries, bread and cheese and hummus in picnic baskets. Soon, there will be more laying on grass with a book, my thoughts or intimate, lazy conversations. Soon, there will be music, rosy cheeks, dancing, and the smoke and sizzle of a grill. Oh, the promise of summer!

These months have slipped by it seems. When I started working last fall, my mind and heart were overwhelmed, taken over by the young people I work with. I stopped writing. I stopped creating. It was all too much. But I need to take back space in my head. I need to allow other thoughts a home. This blog is part of my attempt to do so. Also, for the first time in what seems like years, I’m truly enjoying the journey, as they say. The ‘now’. And I hope to capture that here.

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